The Jacobs Foundation, a charitable organisation investing in the future of young people, joined ICI as a non-profit Contributing Partner in mid-2018 and became a Board Member later in the year. It is supporting our efforts to promote innovation and knowledge in education and child protection and reinforcing our institutional capacity to drive collective learning processes. 

ICI and the Jacobs Foundation have been working together since 2014 on child-labour research and the roll-out of innovative practices in quality formal and non-formal education. ICI is an implementing partner for Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities (TRECC), a Jacobs Foundation initiative with a budget of 60 million Swiss francs. 

Fairtrade International, representing the world’s most recognised ethical label, joined ICI towards the end of 2018 as a non-profit Contributing Partner. The partnership will allow the two organisations to achieve our shared goal of strengthening child protection and eliminating child labour. By learning from each other and improving our existing operating models, we will scale up good practices in order to reach more children and their families in cocoa-growing communities in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.